I came to see Dr. Mariwalla after I had seen 3 other dermatologists who could not figure out what I had. She walked into the room and it took her no time at all. She knew exactly what I had, how to treat it and now 3 weeks later my skin is clear for the first time in 1 year. I thought she was amazing and would recommend her to everyone I know.

I was a patient of advanced dermatology for years,that being said, I am now a patient of the sweetest kindest and most thorough dermatologist I have ever seen. My full body check was amazing, she started a my toes and ended with my scalp and mouth. I have never encountered that type of exam and felt very confident when I left.I have recommended her to all my friends and they are in full agreement that she is amazing!!!! BTW she is up on the latest and greatest procedures to boot !!!!

I have been to other dermatologists and none can compare! She is professional, caring, compassionate, and a wonderful person. I have recommended others to her because of the great experiences that I have had and everyone is extremely pleased. All Doctors should be like her.

She is caring, knowledgeable, sweet, awesome and one of the best doctors I have ever seen in my life. She is the daughter of my kid’s pediatrician. I suffered with acne for 41 years until I visited her. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Mariwalla. I have twin teenage daughters who also see her. She is one of the best dermatologist on Long Island. I recommend her to everyone I know. She is efficient with her diagnoses.

Dr. Mariwalla was so nice! She explained all of my options to me and never made me feel rushed. She removed something for me and I can barely see the scar. I would definitely recommend her.

Dr. Mariwalla has been informative, efficient, & emotionally fantastic during the 6 months I’ve known her. I was having a lot of trouble dealing with insurance companies, & she has been there for me throughout, reassuring me when I needed it, helping me figure out whom to consult. Once we could get down to the actual business at hand (removing a basal skin cancer), she was calm, efficient, &, as always, emotionally supportive – as were her medical assistants & office personnel. I wish she would be my full-time MD!

Yelp – September 28, 2014

I’ve dealt with mild to severe eczema on various parts of my body my whole life. I’ve probably been to 4-5 dermatologists on Long Island over the past decade, and I’m going to say say that Dr. Mariwalla did the best job of addressing my concerns.  The office was a bit crowded when I went, and if you’re coming with a child/young teen, it seems friendly to that demographic as well. As another reviewer mentions, the office can be quite crowded.  A lot of things are digitized: the staff and PA’s record information on iPads (or another brand of tablet) rather than carrying around charts, from what I could tell.  Both the PA I saw and Dr. Mariwalla herself were very attentive: they went over the concerns i have with my condition and were speedy in helping me with the right medications. She was very concise in going over what order to use things in and what sort of household changes I can make to help lessen my flare ups.  I had a good experience in my visit, and they were also nice enough to recommend a sooner-than-later follow-up, which shows a degree of care, IMO. I’m about three days into treatment and I’m already seeing results, which is much more than I can say about other doctors I’ve seen.

Yelp – December 29, 2014

I brought two of my teenage children to Dr. Mariwalla for acne. With both I am totally satisfied. She is a very personable doctor and really cares a great deal for her patients. My children love her as do I. For over two decades I had this big red blister on my lip. I had been to a plastic surgeon who said I can cut it out but there will be a scar. My choice was the red blister or a scar so I decided against surgery. When I was there on a visit with my daughter, Dr. Mariwalla looked at me and told me what the red blister like bump was and that she could remove it by burning it off with no scar. I was shocked and in disbelief. I had spent so many years with this eyesore. Dr. Mariwalla burnt it off and I am free of the eyesore and no scar!

I travel 45 minutes one way to see Dr. Mariwalla. My children also go to her mother, also Dr. Mariwalla in West Islip, for their pediatrician. They are both fabulous doctors in which I have total trust in. I would travel a lot further if need be. They are both awesome in their care for their patients.

For our family we absolutely LOVE Dr. Mariwalla

Yelp – April 8, 2015

I have been struggling with acne for about 5 years until I met Dr. Mariwalla. After seeing 4 other dermatologists on Long Island, I have finally found a doctor that has helped my acne. She was able to treat my acne with products that were soothing and did not irritate my skin as it is very sensitive. I can gladly say that overall I am acne free now! In addition, Dr. Mariwalla is extremely personable and patient. She always answers all my questions and explains things thoroughly without ever rushing me. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming, especially the aesthetician Catherine. She goes out of her way to determine the best procedure for my skin care. I would highly recommend Dr. Mariwalla and her wonderful staff.