Mariwalla Dermatology

Experience what expertise in skin care is all about.

At Mariwalla Dermatology, our focus is the health of your skin. We specialize in all skin types and treat both pediatric and adult patients.. The full time provider in the practice is Dr. Kavita Mariwalla. The office staff is headed up by Practice Manager, Lori Ulrich. Our licensed clinical estheticians are Jenna James and Parminder Singh.

As the former Director of Cutaneous Oncology at the Beth Israel Cancer Center in Manhattan, Dr. Mariwalla specializes in skin cancer detection and treatment. Dr. Mariwalla is an expert in facial reconstruction, and a skilled surgeon, as well as thoughtful aesthetic clinician. If you feel you have a mole that has changed or have had a lot of sun exposure (especially from the South Shore of Long Island!) then Mariwalla Dermatology should be a part of your overall health routine.

In addition to skin cancer screening, we offer a variety of fillers and neuromodulators, as well as lasers for resurfacing, removing stubborn areas of fat, and ridding the skin of red and brown discoloration. Mariwalla Dermatology also has an advanced laser that can be used on all skin tones for hair removal. The providers at Mariwalla Dermatology are considered key opinion leaders in the field of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. They lecture at national conferences and are sought after for clinical trials utilizing the latest technologies.


Our Philosophy

Excellence in patient care, honesty and consistency.

Our philosophy is simple: We treat you like we would our own family members. We believe in three main things: Excellence in patient care, honesty, and consistency. This philosophy translates to a patient-centered experience at Mariwalla Dermatology. We start with the simple things like sending your prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy for you, so you don’t have to wait, working with specialty pharmacies to make sure your co-pay is as low as possible, and writing everything down so you won’t forget any instructions. We offer unique services like photodynamic therapy for pre-cancers, patch testing for contact dermatitis and antigen therapy for warts.

Mariwalla Dermatology is also one of the only practices on Long Island where you are not shuttled off to a surgeon if you have the diagnosis of a skin cancer. Dr. Mariwalla is a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons, and will take care of your skin cancer – complete care from start to finish. At Mariwalla Dermatology, the aesthetic consultation is also a little different. You can expect an honest opinion from our physicians who believe their patients should look refreshed, not frozen. They understand that a true aesthetic experience is built on trust and for that privilege our physicians only offer procedures that they feel truly work like CoolSculpting, Ultherapy and Neuromodulators & fillers.

And finally, with a staff who work as a team, you can expect consistency, excellent care and an experience that will make you want to come back. Dr. Mariwalla takes the practice of skin care seriously and will make sure you receive the care you deserve. Having been part of the West Islip community for 30 years through her parents (both physicians in the area), she understands the importance of the physician-patient relationship.